Yoga Baby & Barre

Yoga Baby & Barre

Yoga Baby & Barre



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Yoga Barre & Baby is a Babywearing workout that combines Yoga, Pilates, and Barre inspired movements that will strengthen mommy and make her sweat while wearing her little one in a baby carrier.

Yoga Barre & Baby is unique because the gracefulness of Yoga, which includes deep breathing and fluid movements, combined with the bounce and repetition of Barre and Pilates, keeps baby entertained and happy while mommy moves.

Yoga Barre & Baby is taught by Yoga teacher and DYLN Inpired Ambassor, Natalia Kim. Here's what she has to say about the class ~

During the class, we will:

  • work on core strength - when our core is strong, we protect our lower back, and boy does the Babywearing mom need that!
  • work on relaxing the shoulders as we move - when we carry our babies all day sometimes our neck and shoulder can feel tight and affected by the sweet chunkiness we have wrapped around us.
  • focus on leg work for a great part of the class - strong legs equal sturdy and balanced mom, all qualities that intrinsically transfer into moms emotional and mental state when she creates physical endurance. Also, I haven't met a woman who doesn't want leaner, longer-looking legs *wink*
  • focus on breath and a deep connection with our babies - by breathing in and out with a certain rhythm which Yoga brings, we are able to relax the mind, and release stress. And all the new and not-so-new moms said "yes please!"

My hopes is that this class be a sacred time for momma and baby. That moms look forward to doing the class, and really sets goals to get in shape or feel better about herself. The added bonus is mom gets to express herself through movement - and no, you don't have to be flexible, graceful, or even have any previous experience - this is an all levels class! My daughter Olive and I are so excited to be your teachers so see you on the mat mommas!



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Event is in our Costa Mesa Location.