Potty Learning Workshop

Potty Learning Workshop

Potty Learning Workshop


When should you start the toilet learning process? What can you do to make it a respectful, cooperative experience, rather than a power struggle?

Learning to use the toilet is an important developmental milestone that every child experiences differently. Supporting a child in this endeavor is a team effort for parents and teachers. The child leads the team because he needs to show signs of physical, emotional and cognitive readiness.

Is your child asking about the bathroom? Or staying dry for a few hours at a time?

Your child may be ready for toilet learning! Or perhaps you want to be READY for when that happens.

In this workshop, you'll learn:

  • Toilet Learning Signs & Skills
  • Creating a Toilet Learning Plan
  • Routines for Day and Night

About the Teachers:

Nicole Brozka is the Director of CHALK Preschool of Newport Beach, a Bright Horizons School.  She graduated from Illinois State University in 2008 with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education.

Sondra Ahearn is the Regional Manager for Bright Horizons and CHALK Preschools. She has worked in the Early Childhood Education field for over 15 years and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and Administration from the University Massachusetts.

Both Nicol and Sondra believe in building relationships with parents and children that will foster the growth and development of each child and create an excitement toward life-long learning. 


Workshop is complimentary and registration is required to reserve your spot. For questions, please contact us via email.


Class takes place at Granola Babies. Please click here for location details.

No Strollers - please leave stroller in the car.


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