Girasol Exclusive Inara Rainbow

Girasol Exclusive Inara Rainbow

Girasol Exclusive Inara Rainbow


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It all started with a picture of my friend's Mahreen's adorable daugther Inara, wearing a strikingly gorgeous ring sling in a picture. And through more friends, we all knew the moment we saw the picture, that it had to be made into a wrap. And what other name to give it then the sweet little girl that wore it so perfectly - Inara's Rainbow.

Imagine that soft, cushy pile of baby blankets given to you while you were pregnant. Now imagine keeping your baby close to your heart at all times, both of you snuggled in the softest, squishiest of the blankets. That۪s what it۪s like to wear a Girasol Baby Wrap.

One of the best things about the Girasol is its versatility. You can use it from the first day your baby enters the world, all the way through toddlerhood. You can snuggle your baby in front to nap, nurse, or cuddle. You can put a baby or older toddler on your back for a better view of the farmer۪s market or hike through the woods. You can even wear your baby on your hip, giving them the option to check out the view or snuggle safely with you, depending on their mood.

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You won۪t believe how much use you get out of your Girasol Baby Wrap, especially if you use it through multiple kids (and it۪s certainly durable enough for that). Girasols are very easy to care for, and are machine washable, which seems like a no-brainer with a baby product, but it۪s not.

You will be so thrilled with your Girasol Baby Wrap from the moment it arrives, and the love will only grow as it gets softer with use, you become a pro-wrapper, and your baby lights up at the sight of the ever-snuggly Girasol.

Since Girasol wraps are hand-weaved there may be nubs and skipped threads which are considered part of the beauty of a hand-weaved wrap.