Birthing from Within Birth Class ~ $375

Birthing from Within Birth Class ~ $375

Birthing from Within Birth Class ~ $375



Birth with the confidence that can handle whatever birth may bring.

Feb 12, 19 and 20 from 1pm - 5pm

Please contact Brandy directly at to register.

Based off of the groundbreaking book, this three-week class series is for expecting parents who are seeking a more interactive and in-depth way to prepare for birth and parenthood. These classes are the antithesis of being talked at and shown cervical dilation charts! With a balance of rich dialogue, a tool-box worth of pain-coping techniques, practical information and introspective processes, parents walk away from class feeling confident, connected and empowered - and have a lot of fun too.

Highlights of what classes cover:

  • Creating a supportive environment in the hospital, birth center or home.
  • Learning and practicing proven pain-coping techniques.
  • Giving partners specific and practical tips for how they can support themselves and the laboring mother.
  • Exploring your feelings, fears and hopes for birth.
  • Labor positions and comfort measures.
  • The nuts & bolts of labor - what it might look and feel like.
  • How to ask questions, best work with your care provider and make informed decisions.
  • A practical look at interventions and alternatives.
  • Celebrating your journey as parents!

After Birthing From Within classes...

  • Moms walk away with more confidence that they can handle whatever their birth may bring.
  • They are hopeful and strong.
  • Partners seems less worried and much more sure of themselves.
  • Couples deepen their connection, forming a strong team that will work really well in labor.
  • Most couples walk away with wonderful new friends.

About the Teacher

Brandy Ferner is a certified Birthing From Within childbirth mentor, doula and advisor within the organization. She has directly trained with Pam England (author of Birthing From Within) and also offers Birth Story Medicine work, which helps parents process difficult births. Seeing that side of the coin gives her insight into ways to help prevent birth trauma prenatally. She is also a blogger for the Huffington Post and a mother of two children who came into the world in two completely different ways.

Please contact Brandy directly at to register.


Birthing from Within Birth Class takes place at Granola Babies Annex, 2 blocks from Granola Babies Children's Boutique. Please click here for location details.