Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces

Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces

Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces


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Genuine Baltic Amber for teething babies.

Among other things, amber is a natural analgesic (pain reliever) and anti-inflammatory. When amber is worn on the skin, the warmth of the skin releases trace amounts of healing oils on the skin. Commonly known as "teething jewelry," baltic amber has been a natural and traditional European remedy for teething discomfort for hundreds of years. 

Our necklaces and bracelets are handcrafted and are made of authentic Baltic amber, the most esteemed type of amber in the world. The translucency of amber depends on the amount of air bubbles contained within a piece of amber and their distribution. Some believe the color is related to the type of tree source.  Succinic acid is the most beneficial component of the amber.
The necklace fastens with a screw clasp, and the necklace cord is knotted in between each bead. It is best to remove the jewelry at bath time, or when at the pool. Necklace contains small parts; Children should be supervised when wearing jewelry, and it should be removed when the child sleeps.

Colors and Sizes

All of our teething necklaces are between 10.5" - 11.5". They are available in Light, Dark and Mix and as each is unique they will vary from the pictures shown.