Baby Carrier Rental

Baby Carrier Rental

Baby Carrier Rental



Rent a baby carrier for TWO WEEKS for $50. And at the end of the babywearing rental, you'll receive STORE CREDIT back towards a baby carrier stocked at Granola Babies. Before renting please check to see a carrier you'd want is one we carry.

How to Order

Simply add to cart and then write on the Notes section the baby carrier you'd like to rent. We'll mail Baby Carrier via Priority Mail so you'll receive it in 2-3 days once shipped. If there's a wait list, we'll add you to it and let you know!

Local to Granola Babies? You're welcomed to also pick up your baby carrier in person.

Woven Wraps

  • Girasol Pacifico 4.6m
  • Neobulle Julie 4.6m
  • Neobulle Manon Rouge 4.6m
  • Neobulle Julie 4.6m
  • Vatanai Rubato 4.5m
  • Girasol Sierra 4.6
  • Girasol #26 2.6m
  • Girasol Wrapper's Paradise 2.6m
  • Girasol Felice 2.6m

Ring Slings

  • Sakura Bloom Simple (Silk) in Black
  • Neobulle Wrap Conversion Noe
  • Neobulle Wrap Conversion Simon
  • Neobulle Wrap Conversion Margot
  • Girasol Wrap Conversion Felice
  • Neobulle Wrap Conversion in Maya

Soft Structure Carrier

  • Chimparoo Trek

The Good Stuff

When the rental Baby Carrier is returned at the end of your babywearing rental period, you'll receive store credit towards a baby carrier for the FULL rental cost you paid minus shipping.

If you're picking up your baby carrier, it's like renting for free! And to those that are ordering and having it shipped - you're renting a baby carrier for two weeks for just the cost of shipping! Nobody else rents baby carriers and gives you so much store credit back! Enjoy!

The *Important* Details

If the baby carrier requested is currently being rented, we'll let you know and put you on the wait-list for that baby carrier. Also please note that we'll call you after your order is placed and ask you for a credit card number to place on authorization. Your credit card is not charged  unless the baby carrier is returned late, not returned at all and/or returned damaged. Baby Carriers not returned will be charged the retail price of the baby carrier. Baby Carriers returned late will be charged a minimum of $15/week. And damaged Baby Carriers will be charged a percentage of the retail cost depending on the damage.

The rental period begins on the day the USPS shipping tracking shows it arrived. If shipping back to us, the baby carrier is due within 5 days of end of rental period. If dropping off locally, baby carrier is due at the end of two weeks. Customer is responsible for shipping back to Granola Babies. Customer covers cost for packages not received or damaged by the post office, so we recommend shipping the baby carrier rental back to us with insurance.

And more of the VERY Important Details

Little ones are carried in our baby carriers and certain scents are very hard to remove and so to keep our baby carriers wearable by all, we cannot rent to any household that has a smoker living in it. We also cannot rent to households that use strongly scented perfumes.  Thanks for understanding!

Now get wearing, get trying, get renting! Have fun babywearing!

*limit of one rental per customer