Wrapper's Paradise 2013 with Kokadi

I'm so happy to be doing an exclusive for Wrapper's Paradise 2013 with Kokadi! TheBabyWearer.com members voted Kokadi as the manufacturer for this year's Wrapper's Paradise.

Each year there's a new Wrapper's Paradise and this year I'm sure it's going to be BEAUTIFUL. Once again we're doing a design competition where you'll be able to submit a design choosing from the colors below. It could be a solid color, a striped wrap or even a unique print too (as long as it's your own original). The possibilities of what this Wrapper's Paradise can look like are endless and I'm sure that all of you creative mamas will come up with fun ideas.

So how do you enter? 

We're using the same rules as we have since 2009.

Submittals begin now and end Feb 20th. Voting will begin one week after the 20th.

  • Must be a TBW member for at least 6 months. Please include your TBW username when submitting your design.
  • Design must be submitted digitally in either jpg or gif and at least 400 pixels in width and for height 100 pixels.
  • If submitting a print for the wrap, it must be an original print (one you created yourself) and unique to this competition (not used anywhere else)
  • Colors for the wrap must be chosen from the picture below. It's crucial that you indicate in your design notes the color numbers used.
  • Please choose from either cotton, hemp, linen or silk for the wrap design you submit.
  • Please submit one design only.
  • Please do not recruit your friends to vote for your wrap (when voting begins). It should be a vote based on appeal vs. friendship.
  • Above all....HAVE FUN! =)

Please submit your design to designs@granolababies.com by Feb 20th.

Winner from the Design Competition wins her choice of size of Wrapper's Paradise 2013!! 

What should I include when emailing my design?

  • Your name and email address (written on your design entry)
  • TBW Username (must be a member for at least 6 months to be able to submit design) 
  • Color number(s) used and order in which they are used in your wrap.  
  • Choose Hemp, Cotton, Linen or Silk
  • If using stripes for your design - width of stripes must be specified in centimeters (the wrap width total must be 72 centimeters)
  • Weft color

Kokadi Color Options for Wrapper's Paradise 2013

Sorry! I know this chart is not the easiest to read...best I was able to receive however.

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