Only the best hand-selected products

As owner of Granola Babies, every single item at Granola Babies is added only after I have personally researched it and held it in my hands. When a company wants us to carry their products it's not something we do based on popularity of the product or profit margins. We research and try each brand before it's added to the store. And if it doesn't meet the Granola Babies high level of quality, integrity and sustainability - it's simply not added.

To get a glimpse into what truly hand-selected means, here are two recent examples.
A  natural well-known children's bath and body company recently asked us to carry their products. I asked (as I normally do) for select products to try. When I saw one ingredient, yes even just one, that seemed questionable, I contacted a local green living expert about the ingredient and learned that it is considered a carcinogenic ingredient.  Because we did the research we didn't add it, despite that it's well-known and also offered at other natural boutiques.

In contrast just this past month another (smaller) bath and body company did pass the Granola Babies natural standards. In trying and thoroughly researching the products, I learned each one was made with organic ingredients using sustainable packaging and only 100% truly natural ingredients. And with this and also loving the products we tried and used meant this brand did meet the Granola Babies level of quality, integrity and sustainability.

Because of our high standards of natural living, everything at Granola Babies is truly the best hand-selected products for you and your baby.

To me it's of utmost importance that parents like you trust our products, know that we've done our homework and feel good inside when shopping at Granola Babies.

We're unique in this way of adding products and while it does limit what we can offer, it also means that only the best natural products are ever available at Granola Babies. You can shop in peace knowing that each product was truly hand-selected for its integrity, quality, sustainability and for being safe for you and your child.

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