Short Cross Carry (SCC)

The short cross carry (SCC) is also known as the simple cross carry. It's a carry often done with a short woven wrap. I am using a 3.6m Girasol in Tropical Sea for this demonstration. I am pre-tying (tying the wrap on without the child) first and then putting my son in the wrap. You can also do this carry while holding your baby on your front.

1. Drape the wrap (off centered)
on your back.
  2. Take the longer end of the
wrap and cross it over to one
3. Bring it over to the back and
loop it through the drape.
  4. Bring the end of the wrap
over to your side and then tie
both ends in a knot.
5. Now that you have pre-tied
your wrap, take your baby and
place each leg through the crosses.

  6. Spread first the inner cross
over your baby's back.
7. Now spread the outer cross
over your baby's back.
  8. You are done!


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