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You're a mom. And you love your child more than life. I have four of them. I get it. But do you know what else you are? You're a woman. An individual. You have aspirations and goals and dreams. And some of those don't have anything to do with your baby. And some of them have everything to do with your baby.

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I am a mother and a business woman. I've ran a successful nationwide-recognized business. I currently run sales and marketing teams for businesses, I teach classes, and I coach mothers to meet their business goals. How did I get here? With a lot of work. And a lot of trial and error, creative thinking, out-of-the box marketing ideas, business planning, and balancing mothering, while making my goals possible. And every lesson learned, got me to where I am today. I now share those with mothers like you.

As I reached my goals, I would continue to aim towards my new ambitions (because ambitious moms always continue to reach for the stars). Does this sound like you?  Maybe your goals as a mother and a working mother are on paper only or maybe you've started, but can't.quite.manage.


Are you having a hard time managing motherhood, work-life, growing your business, and learning how to get your dreams into reality?

Let's talk. This is where Business and Marketing coaching comes in. I will learn all about you, and where you want to be in your life as a mother and as a person.

Through working with Giselle, you'll..

  • Receive a branding package
  • Make REAL action plans
  • Assure that your brand connects with your clients
  • Receive resources on how fund your business
  • Learn social media tips
  • Learn how to create a result-driven marketing plan
  • Brainstorm your ideas and receive experienced feedback and suggestions
  • Receive ongoing support
  • Manage your work, while being the mom you want to be (and get to vent about how hard that can be!)
  • Get real, about work, life, mothering

Excited to begin working with you!

It's time to make the investment towards what you want to make happen in your work and life. And I'm thrilled that I get to be part of your team to make it happen.



In addition to running and previously owning the largest children's eco-friendly retail boutique in Southern California, I am a Sales and Marketing professional with over 15 years of experience. I have helped businesses create and market a brand, increase sales and use out-of-the-box creative marketing techniques. And as an educator, I'm trained as Postpartum Doula (DONA), Childbirth Educator (ICEA), Certified Lactation Educator/Counselor (University of San Diego), Positive Parenting (Positive Discipline), CPR Instructor (American Heart Association) and Baby Friendly Initiative Educator (at various hospitals).


Are you tired of keeping your goals as a mother and woman just in your head? Have you started, but are feeling stuck?

Email me at I’d love to learn what you’re wanting to achieve.

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