FAQ ~ Birthing Baby Childbirth Education

How does Birthing Baby Childbirth Education differ from classes such as Bradley Method and Hypnobirthing?

Both Bradley Method and Hypnobirthing are wonderful childbirth education classes that prepare pregnant women and their support persons to birth their baby. They each follow a specific curriculum and stay within their own styles/methods. Birthing Baby Childbirth Education Class is an evidence-based childbirth education class that is not a method but a way that provides pregnant women and their support person various skills to use at their wish throughout the labor and delivery.

Each labor and birth is unique. In Birthing Baby Childbirth Education Class™ you will learn more than one style of birthing skills and techniques so that you are able to choose what is working best for you during the actual labor. 

When do you recommend taking Birthing Baby Childbirth Education Class?

I recommend taking the class (whether it's the series or the weekend intensive) sometime during your third trimester ideally.

What does the class fee include?

Your class fee includes the entire class (weekly series or the weekend intensive), two books and an customized manual with resources. Since I'm also a certified lactation educator, I provide a full breastfeeding class during the childbirth education so that you do not need to take a separate breastfeeding class before the birth of your baby.  In addition I provide healthy snacks and drinks during the class. I'm also continuously available to you for questions, resources and support through Granola Babies.

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