Soft Structured Baby Carrier (Buckle Carriers)

Soft structured carries (sometimes referred to as buckle carriers) are usually the gateway into babywearing for many new parents.

Stylish and easy to use with buckled access to quickly put your baby in and out. Padding on shoulders can make baby feel weightless. The design keeps baby close to your center of gravity while distributing baby’s weight across your hips and shoulders. The shoulders and waist are completely adjustable, making it an ideal carrier to share between different caregivers (dad, grandma, etc).

They are also a huge hit with Dad! There are so many different styles to choose from, some come with crossable straps, while others are backpack style with a clip helping to keep the straps in place.

For the newborn stage we recommend a soft structured baby carrier with an adjustable base (like Lillebaby or Beco Gemini) so that it can snap down to accommodate tiny legs. As baby gets older the carrier offers ergonomic positioning that keep baby in a seated position. Once baby is able to sit up unassisted, the soft structured baby carrier is the easiest and fastest way to carry baby on your back.

With so many brands to choose from, we are sure you will find something that matches your style. Many brands have cute designs while others appeal to a sleek/modern style with a single color.