Lactation Support and Consultations in Orange County

We know that breastfeeding is natural...but that it's not always easy! With experienced lactation support, you can learn how to breastfeed your baby with confidence.

Lactation consultations begin with discussing your breastfeeding goals and then providing you with the education and hands-on learning you need, to be able to nurse your baby successfully. 

There are many ways that breastfeeding can "look" like for mothers. Some mothers choose to exclusively breastfeed and others choose a combination of breastfeeding and supplementing with formula. Granola Babies is here to support you. Whatever your decision is, we will help you achieve it.

Lactation consultations are provided in Orange County and by Giselle Baumet, owner of Granola Babies, Certified Lactation Educator and mother of four breastfed babies.

Rent a Breastpump or Learn How to Breastfeeding.