Positive Parenting for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Positive Parenting for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Positive Parenting for Toddlers and Preschoolers


Learn positive parenting in an informative and interactive (both in-person and online) way.

Do you struggle with parenting through one or more of these?

  • Whining
  • Tantrums
  • Adjusting to new changes
  • Power struggles
  • Defiance
  • Hitting 
  • Not listening
  • Yelling
  • Biting

And would you like to learn ways to parent through these without punitive methods that end up making you and your child frustrated?

With Positive Parenting, you'll learn how to parent through these and other situations without using punitive actions. And you'll do so in an effective, connecting and mindful way that will teach your child long-term social and life skills.

Learn positive parenting with new lessons each week.

Each week you will learn, through activities and lessons, how to parent effectively using positive parenting skills. Lessons include:

  • What to do before correcting.
  • How to be kind and firm at the same time.
  • How to use positive time-out.
  • The pros and cons of encouragement vs praise.
  • How to handle tantrums.
  • The effective way to give choices.
  • How to validate and learn the belief behind the behavior.
  • How to ask for the kind of behavior you'd like to see.
  • What to do about negative behaviors.
  • Setting up routines that work.
  • Communicating expectations in a way that your child understands.
  • Building trust between parent and child.

Positive parenting has been proven to have a positive impact on children. Children learn how to develop close relationships, increase self-esteem and engage with their families and peers. By using positive parenting, you're planting a seed for how your own child will parent their children. You’ll learn how to raise a child today to encompass the kind of positive characteristics you’d like in your child as he or she grows.

There are (3) options for Positive Parenting Education:

Weekend Option: Positive Parenting Workshop - $120

Positive parenting tools for parents or caregivers of children  15 mos  - 5 years old. Both parents are welcome to attend, however, no children (with exception of young babies). The in-person weekend class happens in one day and the class is about 4 hours long. Class takes place at our Studio. Sign up for any one of these weekend options. 

  • Saturday, April 13 @ 2pm (3.5 - 4 hour workshop)
  • Saturday, June 1 @ 2pm (3.5 - 4 hour workshop)
  • Saturday, August 10 @ 2pm (3.5 - 4 hour workshop)
  • Saturday, October 12 @ 2pm (3.5 - 4 hour workshop)

Telephone Option: Positive Parenting Class - $170

This option includes (1) 45 minute phone call with Giselle. You'll receive positive parenting tools for children under 5 years old.  We will schedule the call in a mutual time that works. You receive essential parenting tools that you'll be able to implement right away with your child. By the end of our time together, you'll be able to confidently parent your child in a positive way. You will also receive a follow up 25 phone call one week after your initial consultation. 

  • Sign up anytime! We will arrange your (1) 45 minute phone call via email once you register for the online class. Also includes a questionnaire before our phone call, a follow-up 25 minute call and Positive Parenting Handouts.


One-on-One with Giselle (in-person and text/phone/email) - $250

Positive parenting tools for parents or caregivers of children  15 mos  - 5 years old. You'll have it a total of 2.5 hours to use over a 3 months period. With one-on-one, Giselle can come to your home, play-date or park (or other locations you'd like hands-on guidance on) to observe and help you through parenting challenges. Your one-on-one kicks off with a one hour Positive Parenting Concepts over the phone. The rest of your time can be used via text/phone or in person as you continue to learn more Positive Parenting concepts while "on the job", meaning while practicing the concepts in person.

*With one-on-one there's a 15 minute drive radius included. Exceeding time is counted towards your Positive Parenting time.


Looking for a class that's playgroup format? Checkout Positive Tots!


Online class, sign up anytime! You'll be emailed within 24 hours to arrange the phone call and follow-up call.

One-on-One with Giselle - please text Giselle (949-630-8249) for availability as she takes a limited amount of one-on-one each month. 

Weekend Class: Space is limited - we encourage you to sign up early to reserve your spot. The Positive Parenting Toddler class includes one parent or caregiver and your toddler (younger sibling welcomed). The Positive Parenting Preschooler class includes the parent and co-parent or caregiver, however no children in the class (with exception of young babies).

About the facilitator

Giselle Baumet is the owner of Granola Babies and mother of four beautiful children. She has specialized training and years of experience supporting parents from birth through the first years of parenting. Giselle is a Childbirth Educator, trained with the world-recognized ICEA (International Childbirth Education Association) and Birthing From Within training. She's also a Certified Lactation Educator/Counselor with University of San Diego, a Postpartum Doula with DONA and Birth Doula and a Sleep Coach. In addition, Giselle is a Certified Positive Parenting Educator with Positive Discipline and an American Heart Association Certified CPR Instructor.


In-person class takes place at Granola Babies. Please click here for location details.

Online class takes place online and you'll need internet connection or telephone in order to join the class.

Class Cancellation Policy

Because our teachers work hard to prepare in advance for classes, classes and events payments are refundable up seven days before the class takes place. After this time, classes and events are non-refundable and cannot be used for a future class or store credit as teachers have already been compensated for their supplies and time. Thanks for understanding!

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