I love Granola Babies

"Granola babies has all the best things for my son. We only use natural products and they can be so hard to fine. Their classes are great too!" - Bryan R.

" I miss Granola Babies so much now that we moved out of state! Granola Babies & Giselle taught me so much (and continue to) about healthy, natural parenting. The offerings at the store provided me with a wonderful & rich connection to other Granola moms! You need to have a Cincinnati store ;-). Thanks Giselle, for all you do for moms on OC and around the country." - Victoria T.

"The breastfeeding support group at Granola Babies encouraged me to continue pumping milk for my twins in a way that was real and tangible. What I was doing felt a little weird and uncomfortable, but the moms at Granola Babies normalized and celebrated milk production in a way I have never experienced anywhere else! As a bonus, I had access to beautiful, carefully selected baby products that supported my parenting style. What a wealth of knowledge our community has gained in Granola Babies!"
- Melanie T.

"I LOVE Granola Babies for so many different reasons. Lets start with the owner, she helped me to see that I was not off the wall crazy and their are many other mommas out there that are a little crunchy or a lot. The diaper training, Giselle is an EXPERT! She can fix near any problem in a wash cycle and is amazing with her brand knowledge! Granola Babies has also done a few extra things for me personally, having a place to be with a new baby while battling baby blues was great, having support was amazing, this place will always have a special place in my heart as it helped to mend mine. Thank you GB and Giselle"
- Kaydee C.

"My wife and I love granola babies because we know that we can find the best natural/ organic products for our baby. Not only do they provide great products but they also provide very useful information through their blog and Facebook. We know that if we ever have a question it can be answered by the community that granola babies has brought together." - Victor Z.

"I love and value Granola Babies for many reasons: the classes you offer, the forum for discussion between parents on facebook, the apothecary addition to your shop, your super cool new venue at SOCO:), the "try it out first" baby carrier program, the incredibly helpful resource and inspiration that you are to all of us:) I just wish my daughter and I could get to more of your classes!!! THANK YOU!" - Julia O. 

"My husband and I love Granola Babies! The classes, carefully selected natural products at the store, the facebook forum and Giselle herself are a valuable resource to all types of moms, granola and non-granola. I have found such wonderful connection and support from all moms. I never thought I could make it this far breastfeeding my little one. But with the support, I feel encouraged through my tough times with breasfeeding and baby blues. I alwarys have a wonderful experience visiting Granola Babies." - Carmela W.

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