Wrapper’s Paradise 2012

Wrapper's Paradise 2012

It’s stunning! This year we are so happy to be partnering with Didymos for the Wrapper’s Paradise 2012. The first time we did this was with Girasol, where Wrapper’s Paradise 2009 was created through a design competition that we hosted. Then in 2011 we did the wrap with our friends Vatanai and it was also a beautiful and unique woven wrap. Somehow with so much happening at Granola Babies and our lives 2011 came and went and we didn’t have a chance to do a Wrapper’s 2011. We started the process pretty late that year and so we made it a 2012 version instead.

When thinking about where to have it weaved, I thought instantly of Didymos. And so I took the leap and asked if they’d be interested in creating an exclusive design and….they agreed! And so the process began. We did it a little differently this year by having design submissions, but not a competition. And so between Didymos and Granola Babies we choose what became Wrapper’s Paradise 2012. I had a picture in my head of what it would look like, but anxiously waited for the picture from Didymos. And in when it arrived…..stunning. I instantly loved it. And was thrilled that Didymos loved it as much too.

Wrapper’s Paradise 2012 has petrol linen and blue cotton  – I’ve been a fan of linen indios for years so couldn’t be happier to have this one to offer to everyone. And petrol with blue ~ just simply gorgeous.

It’s currently on its way to Granola Babies and available in sizes 2, 5, 6, 7. Thanks again to everyone that participated and to the mama that created such a lovely design. There were so many wonderful ones to choose from, for sure it was not easy. We’re thrilled with the design and the weave and looking forward to its arrival.

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