Winner of the Boba Baby Carrier ~ BWI of DC-MD-VA

The winner of our January Babywearing Group Love Giveway is Babywearing International of DC-MD-VA, also known as Beltway Babywearers.


What happens at a regular meeting?

We have a dedicated group of babywearers who help BWI of DC MD VA have meetings roughly four times a month. Our meetings are broken up into two parts. The first, is a Babywearing 101 session. We do an introduction/demonstration of the different types of carriers, in a group large setting. This lasts about 45 minutes. The second part, is the fun part! We break out the carrier library and everyone gets to play with all of the carriers. Our regular attendees also bring their own stash, and most are very willing to share! We do small group/individual sessions. We are very lucky that we usually have at least two leaders/VBEs at each meeting. It is rare that someone comes to a meeting and leaves without having their questions/concerns answered.

What advice do you have for a new parent wanting to babywear?

Come to a meeting! We have roughly one meeting a week, with one on a Saturday. Hopefully one of these times will work with your schedule. There is a vast variety of carriers out there. We tend to use the shoe analogy: Every person is different. Just like shoes. A pair of Nikes that one person may LOVE wearing may not work for another. But the Reeboks may be the ONE for you. Now, if you had all these shoes available for you to try out, for free during the course of a meeting, wouldn’t you want to try them before you buy them?

Can you tell us about Babywearing International (BWI)?

Just like our parent organization, we share the same mission: promote babywearing as a universally accepted practice, with benefits for both child and caregiver, through education and support.One (of the many) side benefit(s) of being a part of the group is that you meet many moms and dads of different walks of life. There will be SOMEONE that you can relate to, outside of the interest of babywearing.
We are on Facebook: Babywearing International of DC MD VA

And finally what advice would do you give to a passionate babywearer starting a new babywearing group?

Start small! Playdates are great. That is how we really got up and going. Parents of young children are often in need of adult conversation. Having a safe place to share frustrations/achievements and milestones builds a great foundation.

Thanks Angelique and BWI of Greater Austin for participating!

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