Why we don’t have cloth diapers anymore.

As of October, Granola Babies no longer offers cloth diapers. And some of our customers are asking why. We even had one customer who attended our free breastfeeding support group and was able to breastfeed with the help she received there, leave us a negative review on Yelp because we don’t carry cloth diapers. But we also have many customers that understand why and would rather see us stay open. So with that, I will explain.

Granola Babies offers an amazing, much needed resource in Orange County. We offer classes and events from prenatal through preschool, many of which are free to the community and led by local experts. Granola Babies also offers the only eco children’s boutique in all of Orange County, offering a curated selection of natural fiber clothing, wooden toys by American and European brands, functional and fun diaper bags, comfortable baby carriers, reusable food containers, nursing bras and more. In addition we also offer the only Waldorf-inspired indoor playspace in the county. Yes, you can say that we’re pretty passionate about what we do and we strive on the positive and energizing energy that we receive from our customers and community. They shop at the store and in doing so, help us keep our doors open.

So, why did we stop carrying cloth diapers?

The industry of cloth diapers has changed dramatically from the time we opened Granola Babies. There are now copy-cat versions of the brands we carried, made unethically overseas, but at a price that is dramatically less than the originals. There are also countless online stores offering cloth diapers and at prices set lower than what the brand suggests. Why? Because many are hobbyist without the costs of keeping a brick and mortar (aka physical location like Granola Babies) open. In addition there are also cloth diapers in “big box” stores like Babies R Us but with coupons that the “big guys” can afford to do, but small businesses cannot. 

Yet, online stores and big box stores can’t help you choose and use your cloth diapers, right?

So, while customers were purchasing the majority of their cloth diapers online, they were coming to Granola Babies for free cloth diaper education and to learn how to use the cloth diapers they didn’t buy at Granola Babies. In addition, even when customers bought their cloth diapering packages at the store, the amount that goes back to the store is very little. It’s very hard to keep doors open with cloth diapers.

Guess what that means?

If you don’t make your purchase at the store you learned about cloth diapers, you just increased the chances of that said store to close.

Two stores in Orange County that also sold cloth diapers closed in 2013. And we almost did as well. Yes, in 2013, we almost had to close Granola Babies.

We almost had to close Granola Babies.  Wow. How devastating would that have been to our community, to our staff, to our family?

Fortunately, there are other places to purchase cloth diapers. Yet there aren’t many other places that offer the many other natural parenting products we offer. So, we made MORE room for those products and now refer to others for cloth diapers.

And what does that mean to our community?

That while there’s the loss of being able to purchase cloth diapers at Granola Babies, there’s a Granola Babies to still go visit. We’re still open, we’re providing a need that no other store in Orange County and surrounding areas provide…and we’re super proud of that. It takes  A LOT of work. You can’t even imagine. But, we love what we do.

But, it’s all you. You, our customers that support the store, tell others about it and shop with us. You keep Granola Babies in the community.

So we thank you for understanding. We hope this all makes sense to you, who may have wondered why. And we thank you for being an awesome part of our community. We’re excited for all the unique and lovely products that have arrived (and more coming) and can’t wait to see you at the store.

Much love,


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