Why I love my Neobulle

Oh my dear Manon Rouge Neobulle woven wrap, how I love thee. I do, I really do.

I’ve had a love thing with this wrap for years actually. It’s solid in support. I put it on and my shoulders are nicely cushioned, my baby well supported. And the wrap has little to none stretch so it stays put when I put it on.

I’m 5’8″ and about 145 and use a 4.6m. I am not one that babies my wraps so I wash mine with my clothing and dry it on hot. Because I dry it on hot, it shrinks a little and will stretch out again after I wear it a few times. But I do sometimes wish I had a 5.2m instead for more room to tie. However the 4.6m is my actual size so someone that air dries or tumble dries their Neobulle would not have to worry about this.

Most of the time these days, I’m using my Neobulle for back carries. My almost 5 mos old is happy being worn on my back so even takes his naps while worn on my back. I’ve been known to even do my gardening with him on my back! Though when it’s anywhere near a time that he wants to nurse, I wear him in a front carry so I can simply lower him and latch him on.

Wearing my baby in my Neobulle makes going out and about with him comfy to do with very little baby gear. I have a newborn and can tell you that he’s never yet been in a stroller. Babywearing to me it’s just sooo much easier! And I’m not anti-stroller. I’m sure I’ll use it once he’s a toddler (maybe) but using my Neobulle means I can move about quicker and with more ease. So there’s usually at least one woven wrap in my car and these days it’s my Neobulle Manon Rouge.

I’ve wrapped everywhere from parks, to beach, to all day outings to cozy days at home and find myself wrapping a lot with my Manon Rouge. It’s happy, it’s comfy, it’s these days my favorite wrap. And I don’t limit my wraps to just carrying babies. I have a wrap usually laying on the sofa at home as well to use as a blanket and my kids like to play with them at home too for building forts and for dress-up. Seriously, with so many cool things about wrapping is it any wonder I love my Neobulle wrap? Happy wrapping everyone!

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