Why do I use baby carriers?

Every day, all over the world, parents are carrying their babies using baby carriers. And they do for many reasons, but primarily because doing so allows them to be hands free and have their baby close. For me, when I had my daughter in 2005, my main reason was to keep her close to me. And as I’ve grown in my babywearing journey I’ve learned more and more reasons why I love babywearing. Here are my top reasons for babywearing.

Hands-free – when using a baby carrier, you are able to have your hands free to do your daily activities that allow you to manage day-to-day activities.

Baby’s favorite place – babies come out of the womb needing contact with their mothers. Carrying your baby in a comfortable baby carrier allows you to provide that necessary contact that your baby needs to strive.

Baby cries less – This one goes along with the one above. Because baby is where he wants to be, he doesn’t have the need to cry as much as if he was down and wanting to be near you. Baby is content, happy and you’re near.

Less baby gear – When you use baby carriers, you need less baby gear. Stroller, playmats, jumpers, etc. can wait because with a comfortable baby carrier you may not needs these items for a long while.

Convenient – Aside from all the above goodness of using baby carriers, it also is simply convenient to do so. It’s so much easier to go in and out of stores with your baby on you vs. pushing a stroller through stores or doors. It’s easy to have your baby near for feedings, her physical and emotional needs and everything else a baby needs.

While these may be my top reasons, there are other reasons that make babywearing such a part of my life, including getting to meet other babywearers, learning an art that is practiced by women worldwide, and enjoying using a variety of baby carriers.

What are your reasons for babywearing? Please comment with some of the reasons why you use baby carriers as well.

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