Why a Vatanai Woven Wrap?

There are a few reasons why Vatanai woven wraps make the best choice for beginner wrappers and also those in warm weather. While I do also love other woven wrap brands such as Neobulle (sadly no longer available in the USA unfortunately), Storch and Girasol, as well as Didymos. And I have my fair share (don’t ask me how many…it a lot!) of woven wraps in a variety of brands, I still reach for a Vatanai for those learning to wrap and also those in warm weather.

Happy baby in a Vatanai woven wrap.

Vatanai woven wraps for new wrappers.

When you’re leaning to wrap, you’ll quickly learn that wrapping has a learning curve. And if you’re like most new wrappers, the length of the fabric you need (most need a 4.6m length) is going to feel overwhelming. To some, even those determined to learn to wrap, it’s going to feel similarly to having a huge blanket put over you. And so add to this a thick wrap that is very wide and it makes it not just frustrating to learn to wrap but takes longer. I like to make wrapping as easy as possible to learn, so instead of a thicker woven wrap, I recommend a Vatanai since it’s lighter and glides easily over your body as you’re wrapping. It’s also the kind of wrap that doesn’t require the “breaking in” (getting the wrap from stiff feeling to soft) that other brands do.

When you’re learning to wrap you’re also using more fabric than you need to do the carry. It’s common for new wrappers to not tighten enough and therefore end up using more fabric than needed (the carry is looser than it should be). Well, when you’re using a lighter wrap, you manage the fabric much better and in turn get a better carry.

While Vatanais make for excellent wraps for beginners, they are by no means a wrap for only beginners. Many wrappers that have wrapped with a variety of woven wraps will quickly tell you that Vatanais are just as supportive as thicker wraps. And while there’s usually the mention of “pressure points” (pressure on your body from where the wrap is not evenly tighten), that is usually a result of not wrapping well.

Vatanai woven wraps for hot weather.

Oh when it’s hot, it’s hot! And wrapping in almost anything is going to feel warm. But, put on a thick wrap and it’s VERY hot! So, for warm weather babywearing and especially for humid weather, Vatanai woven wraps are a hands-down the best choice. I love my Girasols and my Storch, but not so much on a hot and humid day. On those days, it’s Vatanai all the way for it’s lightness. I dress down to a tank or a light top and the Vatanai wrap just feels like part of my clothing and not an extra blanket-like layer.

It’s fun to wrap and it’s so much fun to LEARN to wrap too. And having gone through the learning curve of wrapping years ago, I so wish that at the time someone had recommended a Vatanai to me instead of the thicker wrap I tried to learn with. And while I have wrapped with thick wraps even in humid hot weather, wrapping with a Vatanai during hot seasons is like a glass of lemonade on a hot day when you compare it to a thicker wrap.

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