Who Should You Love First?

The month of love is coming up. :)

But, honestly, I think the best love you can give is the one you give yourself. Because once your vessel is solid and filled, are you truly able to give love to others. I'm a strong believer in nurturing yourself before you can nurture others. And this includes always learning and being open to receiving.

For new mothers, I can't recommend enough to take our New Mommy & Baby Group. It's a supportive, welcoming, loving group that's facilitated during our 6 weeks together. 

Parenting Blues? Whaaaaat! You mean parenting is not always a piece of cake? I know, I have four kids. But, with Positive Parenting, there are parenting tools that help you raise confident, kind and caring children. This is available to you both in-person and online, so there's no way to miss out. Learn more and sign up today.

Which reminds me...do you know how to do CPR? Be prepared, know what to do. Learn to save a little life with our CPR Class happening this coming month.


Having a baby soon? We have both Weekend Childbirth Class, as well as the One Day Class coming up! I'm also happy to do a private one-on-one class with you.

I know that breastfeeding is natural. But, having supported mothers for years, I also know it's not easy. We're here to help. Take our Prenatal Breastfeeding Bootcamp on Feb 17th.

Need more one-one-one with baby at home? Feel free to book a Lactation Consultation at your home, anytime you need, directly with me.  Symphony Medela Breastpumps (hospital-grade) are also available to rent.

There's more happening in February, including our unique Newborn Care + First Time Parenting Class, so be sure to see our full list of classes.

Plus share our links with friends..they'll thank you for helping them be better at this parenting gig. ;)

With love...
Giselle Baumet

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