Which soft structured carrier for a newborn?

Sometimes parents want a baby carrier that a) will last them from newborn to toddler, b) is easy to put on, and c) both partners can wear. Well, there are a few options for that, but most of the time it’s all about a soft structured carrier. And the top three are a Ergo, a Beco Butterfly II and a Beco Gemini. So, let’s take some guess work out of these and determine which works best for a new baby.


The good parts –

  • Can be used from 8lbs – 45 lbs
  • Easy to put on
  • Has a pocket for your little extras, like wipes and burp cloth

The not so great parts –

  • Requires an infant insert that is bulky and warm during the summer
  • There’s a time between needing the insert and being able to be worn with legs out where most babies aren’t comfortable in the Ergo
  • Can be hot to wear when you factor in the heat of the insert, heat of the Ergo, heat of your body


The good parts –

  • Can be worn with babies 8lbs – 45lbs
  • You can transfer the carrier from parent to parent without having to take baby out of the carrier
  • The infant insert is thin and usually by 9lbs you don’t even need it anymore
  • Stylish fabrics – let’s face it…that matters.

The not so great parts –

  • The Y-panel of the inner harness can get in the way of easy nursing
  • You’ll need something else at first if you’re baby is under 8lbs.


The good parts –

  • No infant insert needed
  • Can be used with babies 7lbs – 35lbs (the average size kid will be 35 lbs at 3 yrs old)
  • Straps can be crossed at the back or worn back pack style (we like choices)
  • Cushy and soft for baby
  • Body can be made narrower so young babies can have their legs out comfortably

The not so great parts –

  • If you’re very petite the Beco Gemini may not fit you well when you’re ready to do back carries

Over all, our top favorite soft structured carrier for a newborn is the Beco Gemini, which we’ve experienced with new babies as little as 2 weeks and it generally fits babies perfectly. Second choice is the Beco Butterfly II, which has a non-bulky infant insert and makes transferring baby really easy. While we love the Ergo for older babies, the Ergo is not our top recommendation for new babies. The insert is bulky and can be warm and confining for babies.

I hope this helps in determining which soft structured carrier will work best for YOU. Please call or email us for specific questions or post to this blog post. We’re happy to use our years of experience to help you choose and use your baby carrier.

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