When you’re brought down where do you stand?

There will always be one person that doesn’t like what you are doing. One person that is bothered enough to bring you down. And through the years I’ve had in leading groups and through Granola Babies I’ve had this “one person”. And I know I’m not alone in this as most mothers have that one person that seems to find fault in something they do one way or another. Raise your hand if you’ve experienced this?

And when that happens what are we to do with that? How do we respond? Do we even respond? What can be done so that we continue to stand n in a place of confidence and kindness?

If you’re thinking right now of your own situation, you may find that it’s not easy to stand in a place of kindness. In those moments I usually go through a progression of thoughts starting annoyance, then disbelief, and then a realization that someone’s actions does not have to lead me to negativity. And so I choose standing in confidence and kindness by letting what is essential their issues (not mine) go into the air and wishing them  well. It could be the person is going through something that are leading them to these actions. And in reality you are not the source  but simply a target. There could be so many reasons. But, when you stop to think about it this way, I find that the natural reaction is then kindness towards them and sending positive energy their way.

It’s not always easy and of course I’m not void of getting angry either. And really feeling bewildered in these situations is totally normal. But, what you do next, what you do with those emotions is what is most important.  Process them ( a good friend is always there to listen) but where will you stand? Where will you let these situations take you? I choose practicing kindness. And in that I’ve not welcomed in the negativity sent my way but mirrored back instead what I’d like to receive.


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