When should you get a newborn cloth diapering rental?

Having help many many parents with cloth diapering, I’ve narrowed down the three top reasons why starting with a newborn rental package might be the absolute best decision for some parents.

One: You’re almost due

You’re almost due and you want to cloth diaper. So, you begin researching cloth diapers, hours go by, you research some more, the next day you’re asking any friends you know about cloth diapers, then you research again, days go by and you still can’t decide what cloth diapers to get and naturally so as there are quite a few options. In this classic case of “OMG I have no cloth diapers and I’m almost due!” the best choice is renting your newborn diapers. You don’t have to try to decide right now, yet you can still cloth diaper your baby full time in diapers that will fit from birth and the first 2-3 months.

Two: You can’t decide between brands.

Let’s say you have months before you’re due but you’re stuck in what brands to get. Plenty of time to get them, but choosing which ones has become the equivalent of solving the world’s mysteries…it just can’t happen just like that. And on top of it you’re worried that if you get this brand or that brand or even a mix of them, you may end up picking the ones  you won’t actually like once baby is here. I mean, how is one to know!

Get thee the newborn cloth diapering package – don’t decide now, just wait. Start using the newborn rental package once baby is born and enjoy your baby without even thinking about what cloth diapers you’ll get after the rental. You have like 2-3 months to decide and by that time you’ll know what you like and don’t like about cloth diapering and be able to get the brands that will actually work for you and your baby.

And Three: You love THAT brand. But, it won’t fit a newborn.

Yep, it happens. You completely fall in love with a cloth diapers, it’s exactly what you want, but it won’t fit a newborn. Bummer! It starts at 8lbs or 9 lbs or 12 lbs and your little squishy will probably not fit into them until between 8-9 lbs and he was born at 7 lbs pound. Use disposables? Well at about $30 a box and going through them quite quickly with a newborn – why just get a newborn rental package to keep your baby in cloth the first few weeks? It’ll be far cheaper than disposables for that same amount of time.

And there you have it! Hope that helps in deciding between renting or buying before your little one is born. Happy cloth diapering!

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