What’s so great about BBslen wraps?

Besides that they are one of the most affordable good woven wraps in the market? Well, let me start by saying that I currently have a BBSlen in Green Paprika on. My baby boy is in the GBC, which is my go-to back carrier for naps. And yes…sure enough he is napping. I have all of his 21 lbs limp on me as he sleeps. And I feel really comfortable.

BBslen is thin wrap, so often I recommend it for those that live in warm climates, but it’s also very wide. Because it’s wide, it provides a bit of cushiness on the shoulders. Some thin wraps tend to create pressure points on you because they are thin. But, with the BBSlen the width makes it so that I feel no pressure points at all. The width creates cush, which acts like padding on my shoulders.

BBslens don’t come in a wide range of sizes. They have just size 2.6m, 4.6m (or 4.9m) and 5.2m. But, the truth is that the grand majority of mamas can use the middle length as their long wrap. Some may find they have more tails than others, but over all it’s a really good length for a long wrap.

And the colors are really nice, I have to say. I wasn’t keen on Green Paprika when I saw it online, but in person, it’s so much nicer! It’s a really good jeans wrap. It goes perfectly with jeans and the colors are somehow quite comforting to look at. It was a pleasant surprise. And so, Green Paprika became my BBslen wrap. :)

Overall, BBSlens are great wraps because a) they are really affordable, 2) are wide, 3) thin, but don’t create pressure points, and 4) the colors are really pretty.

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