What is Sweet Cheeks Diaper Kits?

Sweet Cheeks Diaper kits is a grassroots, non-profit group of moms working to provide free cloth diapers to families in need living in Greensboro, North Carolina. Shane Morris and Hannah Pao founded Sweet Cheeks after realizing that there are many low income families who are interested in cheaper, greener diapering, but just don’t have the up-front funds to build an entire stash of cloth.

Shane and Hannah contacted WIC to start up a list of qualified families, and got to work! Sweet Cheeks provides a pail, some starter detergent, cloth-safe diaper cream, and 36 diapers to each family. Most of the diapers are hand-made out of thrift-store T-shirts and other donated fabric, with each kit having a handful of industry-made additions donated by awesome manufacturers and retailers.

It has been thrilling to see a play-group brainstorm grow into a living, breathing organization that is helping people locally in just a few short months! I encourage anyone out there who has come up with a great idea that they shelved in self-doubt to take a step and give the world what you have to offer!

What would you love to see happen in your hometown?

Written by Taryn

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