Well hello 2013!

Happy to see you come! While 2012 was wonderful, 2013 brings someone very exciting to me as I bring granola baby #4 into our family. It’s been almost 4 years since I had a baby and it’s with much joy that I grow this little one inside me. Happy family awaiting a new arrival and so yes we welcome 2013 with open arms.

In 2013 as with every year, there is growth. I have three birthdays coming soon with my first born having her 8th birthday this month and my two sons both having a birth in March. I have my own birthday as I get closer to 40 (which by the way I’m very much looking forward to ~ boy will it be an exciting decade!) and also my husband’s birthday as well as those of others I love. I have growth as a mother and a woman, which is a life long journey for us women and one we learn so many lessons from. And I have growth in my adventures at Granola Babies with new and fresh goals to implement for our community.

Yes, I welcome 2013 with an open heart. It’ll be a year of inspiration and empowerment. A year of surprises and a year of reliving. A year I enter into with joy as I do each year.

And so here we go…it’s 2013. Join it with me and share in this journey as I share in yours. Welcome 2013!

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