Wednesdays at the Farmer’s Market

Every Wednesday my children’s school (a lovely local Waldorf school) ends it’s day at 1pm. And every Wednesday afternoon here in our city, there’s a farmer’s market. And so many of the parents and children from the school, as well as other local families head to the farmer’s market.

If you were to go, you’ll see a farmer’s market along the marine with rocks along the shore and a big grassy area in front of the water. In the grassy area you’d see blankets laid out and parents and children sitting, eating, talking and enjoying the afternoon. You can even grab dinner while you’re there from the vendors cooking up lobster rolls, crepes, wood-fired pizza, Thai food, Indian food, Soul food and more. Or like others you can bring your own dinner.

And all this time I enjoy while watching my kids play and seeing them run freely and so happily with their school friends. Sometime before we leave the farmer’s market, I also shop for organically grown foods (click here for another farmer’s market visit).


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