We got a dog.

Oh we got a dog. A dog!


And I’m in love.

It all started when my daughter (now 10 years old this month) started asking for a dog when she was about 3 years old. Having just had her little brother, I of course said no way. It’d be way too much work. Then I had a third baby and though she kept asking, I kept saying no. We’ll get a dog when you’re old enough to take care of it, I told her over and over. Then I had a fourth baby and thought, oh goodness, we’ll NEVER get a dog. Maybe we can put this off for 10 years? Maybe?

See, she usually only asked me. She always asked me. She never asked my husband. And so I was the “bad guy” that got to say no all the time. What a terrible place to be! So, one day I had a brilliant idea. I’ll have her ask her father! Because surely, he will say no. And then I won’t be the bad guy anymore!! Brilliant. Why hadn’t I thought of this earlier?!?

She asked him.

And the man, that swore to me privately, up and down that we’d never, ever, ever get a dog. That he soooo doesn’t want a dog. This same man — said sure honey! Let’s get a dog.

The man can’t say no to his little girl.

Well, darn. We’d be getting a dog. And so last month we started to go to rescues. I say rescues, with an “s” as in plural, but actually we went to one and didn’t need to go to another.


Lucky. That was his name. The little dog that pulled on my heart strings. See, when you walked down the aisle of dogs, you see these perky or barking dogs, sturdy dogs. And then you’d get to Lucky’s cage. Poor thing. Small as can be with only 8 lbs and shaking with fear. Wouldn’t move much. Just a scared little dog. Shaking non-stop and fearful as can be.

That’s the dog I wanted.

I knew he was so scared and I wanted to get him out as soon as possible. The rescue staff was worried. My friends were worried. Everyone thought a scared, timid dog will become a biting dog that can’t handle the kids. But, I felt differently.

We saw other dogs, but they weren’t Lucky. And the kids also couldn’t connect to other dogs either. They wanted Lucky. My son cried the day we went home to think more about it, because he wanted Lucky so badly.

We thought about it over Christmas and went to bring him home the day after Christmas.


It’s been a week of Lucky being in his forever home and we couldn’t be happier. He had completed what I thought was our completed family. He loves and we love him. He has started to come out of his shell and for the first time today, he ran with the kids. This a dog that could barely move because of fear. He now runs and plays and is excited for us and kisses us and loves us. And we love him back so much. We adore him.


Lucky was the name the rescue gave him and we kept it. We kept his name because we felt so lucky to have him. We are so lucky to have him. And so Lucky will always be his name. We are truly lucky.


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