We didn’t have a place like this…

My husband carrying our first baby in our homemade ring sling.

“When we had our first, we didn’t have a place like this…” That’s something my husband said while answering a panel question during the Daddy Panel at the OC Pregnancy & Beyond in Granola Babies. And it really defined the reason behind Granola Babies.

When we had our first, we did things differently. We coslept when we didn’t know anyone else that did, we wore her in baby carriers and learned to use them on our own, we breastfed her and we wanted her with us all the time and never left her side. And while we had each other, we really would’ve loved like-minded friends. It wasn’t until she was nearly a year old and we moved to another state that I found like-minded friends by learning more about attachment parenting groups and babywearing groups. And even we moved to the suburbs we found ourselves creating new groups to gather like-minded parents. Now we’re here in Southern CA and many of those groups we began in Illinois are still continuing and providing a community to natural-minded parents.

Everything we do at Granola Babies comes from creating a supportive environment for parents that want to go more natural with their babies – whether it’s their first, third or fifth baby. Each class or workshop and every product we offer is based on what we use with our kids and resources we’ve found essential while raising our three kids.

And so, when my husband said, “We didn’t have a place like this when we had our first…” it makes me smile and be so happy that now parents have a place like this to call their own and that we get to share in their journey through Granola Babies. Thank you for allowing us to be part of this with you.

– written by Giselle Baturay, the Granola Mama

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