Vatanai Blues/Brown

Vatanai Blues/Brown is here at Granola Babies and it’s so different than other Vatanais! When they said it was “thick” they meant it. It has three color threads in it and it does in fact feel like it has one more layer of thickness to it than other Vatanai. I can see now why it’s rated as a perfect toddler wrap. It also will require some “breaking in”, meaning lots of wash and wear to get it softer like the other Vatanais start out being. However, talk about solid wrapping! It could easily be that one wrap you use from birth through preschool age.

Now for some pictures.

Tri colors in the Blues/Brown

It has three colors – light blue, medium blue and brown. The brown is a soft brown – like a light brown color. And the darker of the blues is like a faded jean.

Ogloolik on the left and Blues/Brown on the right.

It's two sided so has lighter tons on the inside.

The whales on one side are brown with light blue features, but there are also blue whales on the same side too. On the other side are very lighter tones, so for example, the whale is then the light blues that are in the smile of the brown whale.

Glaciar on the left and Blues/Brown right.

Here’s a comparison picture of Glaciar with the Blues/Brown which is a darker jean color, compared to the light jean.

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