Under construction

Our store in construction

The store is under construction right now. And in more ways than one.

I had the gathering room walls torn and rebuilt so that the room could be made bigger. I also had the new walls made taller so that we have more privacy in the community room. It was a fast track project since our customers need us to open again quickly, so it started on Sunday during this holiday weekend and it’ll be ready by the time we open Wednesday morning.

The gathering room will now serve for a more comfortable space for our classes and events, but also my hope for this space is to be used by others in the birth and parenting community to host workshops. There is an amazing birth community here in OC and I’m honored to provide them with this space to use.

Besides the room, so much more is under construction. My heart is really in the resource that is our store and so my mind is filled with more classes and information we can provide the community. And so with that in mind I’m looking at our classes and workshops, our calendar for the rest of the year and into next even and planning the many ways that we can continue to be a resource and community here in our area. I have a long list of women I want to partner with and classes I want to teach.  A long list of discussions that need to happen, experiences that need to be shared and resources that need to be available that aren’t currently so in OC. And in many ways is more than just the walls being torn and rebuilt. It’s the entire store and what we’re all about. Change is good and we’re about to make it for the better.

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