Two kids, their bikes and their slings

This weekend, my two older kids had fun wearing their babies and going for a bike ride. Ofcourse, their babies are usually furry stuffed animals, or in this case, Dumbo and our Little Bear. My daughter has had that ring sling for about 2 years now and still enjoys using it. Best buy ever! And my son figured out that a winter scarf looks awfully similar to the wraps his mama uses, so he asked me to put his Little Bear on his back with it. Actually, every time he uses that scarf I can’t help but think what a lovely wrap those colors would make. Wrap obsessed anyone? So, equipped with their babies in tow and safely snuggled in their carriers, my kids got on their Strider bikes and went for a ride. Are you one that pays attention to details? Notice that there’s no rain in sight, yet my daughter is wearing her rain boots and my son is barefoot. You just have to love and go with the flow when your kids insist on putting things on…including scarfs to wear as a wrap.

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