Toys! Toys! Toys!


 Back when we opened Granola Babies, it was nearly impossible to go to a store and purchase a quality wooden toy. As a mother, I was so frustrated with only being able to purchase online that I made sure to stock our little store with as many quality wooden toys as I could fit into my small space. And even today, now that we are in a bigger space then when we first opened, we proudly stock our shelves with toys that are aesthetically beautiful, grow with the children and encourage creativity and imagination, as well as being non-toxic and sustainable. You will NEVER find cheaply made plastic toys on our shelves, annoying toys that require batteries nor toys that are full with more toxins than they are worth. 

Now years later, other stores have stocked the same toys we found and brought in first to OC. And as wonderful as that is to the enhancement of GOOD toys being available to children, I am constantly itching to find the most UNIQUE and new lines and be first to bring them to our community. It’s what makes Granola Babies so much different than other stores. 

And so I did just that!  I flew across the country to a FABULOUS toy fair, spoke to the toy makers directly, asked our series of questions that distinguishes a Granola Babies worthy toy and placed orders for the best of the best toys in the fair. And it was sooooo much fun!!  I mean seriously, what is more fun than getting to play with fun toys? It brings out the kid in you in every way! Plus being able to speak to the makers directly about how the toys are made is something I, and our customers, really really value.

In the next few weeks, these fun new toys will start to arrive. I can’t wait!


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