Top 5 Reasons To Cloth Diaper

There are numerous reasons why parents choose to cloth diaper instead of using disposable diapers. Many do because of economics, others for the environment, but these are the top 5 reasons why parents choose cloth over plastic for the baby’s bottom.

  1. Savings: At nearly $40 for a package of regular disposable diapers and even more for more eco-friendly disposable diapers, the costs of using disposable diapers adds up quickly. And that’s not including the costs of accessories such as the pail, plastic bags, and wipes. With cloth diapering, a parent can purchase all their cloth diapers for new baby for as little as $100 and even more fancier cloth diapering systems are roughly $500-$700, saving a parent around $2000-$3000 during the time their child is in diapers.
  2. Environment: One single disposable diaper will take at least 500 years to decompose in a landfill. There are billions of disposable diapers thrown into our landfills. In addition, our environment takes a hit with the mass production of plastic diapers each day. With cloth diapers, parents can reuse their diapers and even once their child is out of diapers, parents can reuse the diapers with future children or pass them on to new parents to reuse.
  3. Toxins: Disposable diapers contain dioxin, a highly-toxic carcinogen and Tibutyl-tin (TBT), a toxic pollutant and hormonal disruptor. Many parents choose cloth diapers to avoid putting potential toxins near their baby’s sensitive areas.
  4. Cuteness factor: Once you see a baby in a modern cloth diaper, it goes without saying how incredibly cute the baby looks in cloth diapers. With the many prints, colors and styles available, most parents find cloth diapering enjoyable and fun.
  5. Rashes: Another reason why parents make the switch or start out with cloth diapers is to avoid the rashes that can occur with disposable diapers. Many parents have recently had babies break out in open sores rashes that they are convinced were caused by a popular brand of disposable diapers. But even before the break out of such rashes, babies experience many more rashes in disposable diapers than they do in cloth diapers.

In general, a parent chooses cloth diapers for one of these reasons or a combination of these. We’d love to hear your reasons for using cloth diapers or making the switch to cloth and welcome you to post them here.

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