Today she’s 6

Today my first child, Lora is 6 years old. Happy birthday my blue eyed baby girl.

Every year for her birthday, at one point during the day, I cry. I  don’t with my second and I don’t even with my third. But, I do each year with my first. I thought of the reason why and I really think it’s because she’s my first of everything. She’s the first one that made me a parent, a mother. She’s the first baby I coslept with, the first I breastfed, the first I carried, the first that grew my love for babywearing, for attachment parenting. She’s the reason why my life changed to become so granola (aka crunchy, natural living). So much happened the day she was born and so each year I remember those beginning days and the journey that she’s allowed us to take and that it all began with her.

My baby girl is everything to me. Lora is hilarious. She’s so funny and I really enjoy her sense of humor. Lora is also an artist. The genes that made her grandfather and her father such good artists have been passed on to her. She’s also a child that adores other children and can strike up a conversation with anyone and quickly become friends. She’s also my little drama girl, so beware of making her mad.  And she’s an amazing big sister to her two little brothers – protective, caring and sensitive. She’s truly amazing and I love her.

Happy birthday my baby girl.

100_1802 MG2 Copy of Lora looking at Bora-1st wk 100_0791 DSC04748 Falling over with laughter _MG_6934 Copy of Babasiyla ElifBerk_500
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