To fold or not to fold – that is the question.

Do you need to fold your Moby Wrap before starting a carry? That’s the question of the day! For the Moby Wrap, I’ve seen instructions for wrapping that teach to fold the wrap in half before using it. So, you fold it in half length-wise and then begin wrapping. The basis for this is that it’s easier to handle all the fabric when it’s folded and also that when wrapping a small baby, you don’t need all the width.

But, when you fold and then do the commonly used pocket wrap cross carry or front wrap cross carry with a new baby, you end up with six layers of fabric instead of the typical three that you’d get if you don’t fold. Also, when folding, you aren’t able to fully spread the wrap over your baby when doing a carry.

I have found that folding is not really necessary. You can do the carry with your wrap without the need to fold. The Moby Wrap, in particular, is a narrow enough wrap that it doesn’t feel overwhelming over the baby. And also, I like leaving it unfolded, as it provides the most support for my baby.

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