The one that does it all

People always ask me – “How do you do it all”. They’ll say things like “super woman” and make comments about how I manage in a somewhat relaxed way to homeschool with 4 kiddos, have the largest natural parenting store in Orange County, run our online shop, manage our active social community and care for my household. And the truth is that…I don’t.

My husband of 10 years is the one that makes it all happen.

Without him doing everything that he does for me, nothing I do would be possible.

I’m not super woman. I just happen to be super passionate about granola parenting and lucky enough to have a partner that lets me fly.

He lets me fly.

And ironically because we tend to be the opposite in ways, he also helps in keeping me grounded when I’ve lost my way. He’s the one that takes care of the details, that works all day to provide for his family and who supports me in parenting naturally.

He’s the one that just this week spent half the night working at my store so that I could open the first Waldorf-inspired art-based play area in our county. He’s the superman. The one that makes things happen.

They say that behind every great man there is a great woman. Behind this woman…there’s a great man.




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