The lessons they teach

Time goes too fast. I know that as parents we hear this all the time. But truly…it goes too fast. It feels like yesterday that my daughter was just a baby. And then my second was born and then my third. I was pregnant with my third when I started my business, so he’s babyhood has been a whirlwind of running a business, working from home, opening a store, homeschooling my other two, moving from IL to CA and settling down to our new life here. Boy, did it go fast! What’s crazy is that he’s my most content and independent baby. I thank babywearing for allowing me to carry him so close to me. He was worn in a baby carrier from the first week he was born and wasn’t put down much until he started to crawl. And still, I can’t believe how fast he and his siblings continue to grow. But, what is good about growth is that I’m also growing with them. I’m growing in my parenting journey and finding ways to mother them the best way I can. So, I guess in that way, growth is good. Can’t stop them from getting bigger, but I can be the mother I strive to be each day while watching them grow. Isn’t it something how they teach us so many lessons?

My kids have taught me patience, how to love, and to focus on the important things in life. What lessons have your kids taught you?

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