The beauty of natural silks play

Around here we love silks for both girls and boys. They use them from early on as creative playing toys…yes toys. My kids make forts, tents, ropes, play food, capes, baby doll blankets, and more. Some of the silks come in ready-made toys such as garlands and capes. And even these have additional creative play – for example my daughter is wearing her cape as a skirt.

All dressed up in playsilks.

At home and also at Granola Babies we are strong advocates of natural and open-ended play. And silks help to foster this through creative play. I love this quote from The Whole Child – Creativity and Play article.

One of the most important types of creative activity for young children is creative play. Creative play is expressed when children use familiar materials in a new or unusual way, and when children engage in role-playing and imaginative play.

Here are some more ways our kids play with their silks.

Our basket of playsilks. Granola kids chasing each other with silk toys. Using a playsilk under the blocks as a “sink full of water”. Our children and their friends playing in a circle with their silks on.


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