That time we had to choose a school.

A couple of years ago my children's father and I were faced with finding a new school for the kids. And let me tell you....choosing a school is not easy. 

We were seeking a school with good academics, but one that is also geared to a child's best way of learning. Our older kids didn't want big classrooms, so that meant that some of the schools were automatically off our list. And they wanted to feel challenged, as well as be around kids they could spend time with outside of the school. As their parents, we also wanted teachers that love their job and do it well, out of passion and dedication. And we wanted teachers well-trained in the subjects they teach. Of course, we also were hoping that it wasn't going to be too far from where we lived, since with our different schedules, we needed to be able to coordinate drop-offs and pick-ups with each other. And this was just some of the things we were seeking. Did I mention that it's not easy?

During this same time, I learned about Montessori. We had been so involved in Waldorf style of education that I didn't know that much about Montessori. Yet, the more I learned, the more this style of learning seemed to fit the way my kids learn best. We had already started to pull away from some of the concepts of Waldorf, so Montessori peaked my interest. After researching local Montessori schools, we decided to tour and observe at Leport Schools. And it didn't take long to see that this was a school that met many of our requirements. So, we decided to enroll the kids in the Leport Schools summer program...and it was awesome.

The children are now into their second year at Leport Schools - striving, learning, making friends, learning in a way that is geared to how they learn best and growing.

We couldn't be happier. And so glad that decision is out of the way! Next comes high school. Yikes. :)


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