Thanksgiving Crafts for Little Hands

Hey I know you’re busy but Thanksgiving is coming up soon! And little hands love doing fun little projects with you. So from one busy mom to another, I’ve done some homework to gather fun projects that little hands would like. Have fun!

Finger Painted Fall Tree

Granola Babies LOVES finger painting! We have gluten-free, food based finger paint too. This fun project can be done with all ages and wouldn’t it be so much more special if everyone in the family contributes finger painting to the tree. Lovely!


Left Art Printing

I love this art project featured at Our Day Our Journey. It’s a class Fall project.  At home, we do a leaf printing project at least once during this time of year. And it’s enjoyed by everyone from my 18 mos to my 9 year old.

Thankful Pumpkin

What a beautiful craft featured at The Moffatt Girls! The children can share what they are most thankful for and each little pumpkin can be a table setting or a center piece.

Fall Leaf Decoration

A Fall Crafting project that makes your home lovely all season long by Class Play. I love that this project comes with a printable template. It’s one we will be doing this Fall as well.

Have a wonderful time creating Fall memories together through crafting.

P.S. the top picture craft is a Thankful Wheel and can be found here.
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