Taking a break

In life, you are either the passenger or the pilot, it’s your decision.
~ Unknown

Lately I’ve been so busy. Like staying up until 1am and starting again the morning kind of busy. Orders to ship, emails to answer, reading to be done, classes to prepare for and a growing to-do list. On top of it all, I’m 7 mos pregnant. It’s been hard to get a breather in these days.

Today while I was finishing orders at the store, looking outside at the beautiful day, I made a decision. Let’s go! Come on Evren, let’s clean up real quick and let’s go. And so off we went.

I headed to the nearest beach. I parked our car and we ventured into a beach at Seal Beach, where we’ve never been. We walked in between a path of homes and into the sand and over the sand mount as we reached the beach shore. I placed my chair near the water, emptied out the beach bag of toys and let my little boy play. He went near the water and enjoyed the cool breeze. I watched him play and soaked it all in. Taking deep breathes and feeling nature. And reminded myself….be the pilot. Nature relieves me and heals my soul. It felt good.

In the busy days of life you have a decision to make. Let it become you or be the pilot and guide your course. Today, I guided our course.


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