Summertime Babywearing Tips

It’s hot. And by middle of the day some days it’s just downright sticky. And here I thought there was no humidity in Southern CA!

In reality there’s not that much humidity but wearing my little body heater (I mean baby) can get sweaty. But, to me not as hot as carting a stroller around, so we’re still babywearing. Here are my tips for summer time babywearing so that it’s not as hot (as it can be without these tips at least).

Dress Light

As cute as it is, these are not the days for that full baby outfit with the oxford shirt, and the adorable pants, the matching socks and the cute booties. Nope, these are days for a simple, light short-sleeve onesie and done! At most stick some socks on baby  but if it’s hot, just leave them off. Your body heat and the baby carrier will make up for coverage.

And on you? Dress light colors, short sleeves…as cool and breezy as possible.

Stay Out of the Heat

There are lots of times in the day to be outside, but if it’s extra hot outside, find a cool indoor location to be at instead. Or wait until peak times (mid-afternoon) to head outside on those extra hot days. If you must be out and about on peak times, take a small spray bottle full of water and spray yourself and the baby (I totally did this during hot and humid days in the Midwest when we lived there) and moisten both of your faces to stay cool.

Get the Right Baby Carrier

Just about any baby carrier can be a summertime baby carrier. However, I particularly like using linen ring slings like Sakura Bloom ring slings, woven wraps tied in single layer carries, or a buckle carrier like the Gemini which allows baby to have legs out (cooler) even when they are too little to do so in other baby carriers.  You can find these and more at Granola Babies here.

All about Coverage

And finally, don’t forget a big rim hat for you,  a summertime big rimmed hat for baby,  a good sunscreen and your sun glasses. These all make staying outdoors when hot much more comfortable. And protects you both from the sun too!

Enjoy these summer days for they go by really fast! Happy babywearing!

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