Stripping Talk

Oh no! Your fabulous diapers are now not quite so fabulous. Out of the blue, they’ve begun to leak. Or maybe they become really really stinky after your precious little one pees. Ruined forever!

Well not really. You can get your diapers back to their glorious days. It’s called stripping. Stripping your diapers is when you remove the build up in them that has caused the leaking and/or the stink. We’ll cover some of the ways to strip your diapers, but before we do and before you strip your diapers, you should determine WHY your diapers are leaking or why they stink after a pee. Because if you strip and keep doing whatever you’re doing that made them stink or leak, you’ll need to strip again and again and again.

Reasons why diapers leak or stink after a pee
First check the fit of your diapers and that you’re using the correct inserts or doublers. If all that is good, then let’s determine what the reason can be.

  • Detergent – some detergents do not rinse out well enough and over time the build up of the detergent will cause your diapers to leak. Solution: Switch to a cloth diapering detergent, like Rockin Green, Country Save, or BumGenius detergent.
  • Rash creams – using rash creams can make your diapers repel. Solution: Always use a liner when using rash creams so that your diapers aren’t directly touching the creams.
  • Barrier balm – there are great for keeping moisture off your baby’s bum, but petroleum based barrier balm can cause your diapers to repel. Solution: Some barrier balms are ok to use directly, such as GroVia Magic Stick and Earth Mama Angel Baby Diaper Balm.
  • Fabric softener – bad, bad news for cloth diapers! Fabric softeners are a sure way of getting your diapers to repel moisture and should not be used with cloth diapers. Solution: Use dryer balls and preferably woolen dryer ball.

How to Strip your Cloth Diapers:

  1. Take clean diapers, add them to your washer machine, kick up the water heater, even add some boiled water and do a wash cycle with no detergent. Check the water during the rinse cycle and if you see bubbles, repeat, repeat, repeat until there are none.
  2. Put clean diapers in your washing machine, add a little bit of Dawn Detergent and wash, then rinse, rinse, rinse, rinse until you don’t see any bubbles.
  3. Put your clean diapers in your dishwasher and do a wash with no soap on hot and repeat until there are no bubbles left.
  4. Rock the soak by soaking your diapers in very hot water and in 3 table spoons of Rockin Green detergent and wash. Then wash again 2-4 times with very hot water and no detergent.

The 4th is my favorite way since in my experience Rockin Green has worked really well for stripping (and washing too!). Once stripped, keep in mind the reasons why they began to leak or stink so that you don’t have to strip anytime soon again.

Now you can go back to using your fabulous diapers again! Happy cloth diapering!

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