So excited for Neobulle!

Some of you remember Neobulle woven wraps ~ well many of you actually do. We were the ones that first brought them into the States a few years ago. And it wasn’t long that every one else fell in love with Neobulle as well. They are simply beautiful, fun to wear, supportive, soft, playful…can you tell how much I love them? I have about four in my own personal stash of woven wraps and they were the ones I reached for the most when my littlest was still worn daily. I can’t wait to start wearing this new baby in those same Neobulle woven wraps.

However, I am quite tempted to add another one to my collection since they now have new colorways that they didn’t have before. I’m particularly loving the Maya.


And then the other I’m considering is Parme.


Both are lovely! It’s hard to decide so I guess I’ll wait until all the lovely colorways are here to choose. In the mean time….happy wrapping!


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