Seven Myths about Homeschoolers Video

As a homeschooling parent, I do sometimes deal with assumptions about homeschooling when talking to friends whose kids are in school (public or private). Some of these are in this video, which is really funny –  at least where I’m standing as a homeschooling parent. The assumption that the kids don’t get to socialize is a common one and oh so false. There are so many social opportunities for homeschooled children and really lots of time we don’t have time to do them all (there are that many!) since we also enjoy just getting out ourselves in the outdoors or taking a day in after a busy previous day.

As homeschoolers, my children have the benefit of receiving individualized education with  lots of chances of learning out in nature, through field trips, socialization with others, as well as in the comfort of their home. There’s never a boring day around here and we love that. And now…the video for more myths debunked.

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