RubyBlaise Essentials – My new best friends

You know when as a kid you walked into a candy store and couldn’t decide which one you wanted from all the sweet goodies? And you picked one and enjoyed it and then couldn’t wait until you get to pick the other? That’s how I feel when I walk into my store and look at my RubyBlaise Essentials shelf of aromatherapy goodness. I get to choose which one I want to spray around me and then look forward to when I get to use the others.

I first learned about RubyBlaise Essentials at a local Waldorf school Harvest Faire. I think I may have scared Deb, the lovely lady and fan of RubyBlaise Essentials that was at the booth, with my overboard excitement about the mists. But, what can I say? When I see something I love, I love it with full passion. The mists smelled amazing, the labels were very intriguing and at the same time descriptive and the prices were affordable. What a great combo, right? So, now you can start seeing how I fell for RubyBlaise Essentials.

It would be hard for me to pick a favorite, but I do have a preference for Calm Baby, Happy Mist and Hippie Mist (how could I not!). These make me happy, so I spray them throughout the day at the store and also on me.

One that I use nightly as part of our bedtime routine is the Immunity Boost. My kids line their feet each night right before bed, so that I can spray and massage the Immunity Boost to the bottom of their feets. I then spray the mist in the bedroom and they go to sleep with the aromatherapy of bay laurel, lavender & litsea cubeba.

Last week, I got to meet Jody, the creator and maker of RubyBlaise Essentials. A friendly mother of twins (boy/girl) with a masterful ability of missing the right essential oils for their healing abilities. I love how much talent comes from my beloved California.

Granola Babies welcomes RubyBlaise Essentials and I look forward to hearing what you think as well once you’ve received your magic mists. Enjoy!

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