Rockin Green Review

My friend Cindy raves about Rockin Green. She suggested I carry it at the store, so I figured I’d give it a try. I decided I too would “rock the soak”, which is doing an overnight soak with Rockin Green to remove build up that your diapers may have from other detergents. I started with a package of unscented Classic Rock. I first ran the diapers through a rinse and then filled the washing machine with hot water and put in the Classic Rock detergent. I did an overnight soak, then a wash and then followed that with two washes with no soap and with hot water. After they were washed, I did my sniff test (taking the wet diapers and taking a big sniff to smell them) and — they smelled bad. I read that I should do one more wash (no soap) when that happens, as it’s the build up coming out of the diapers. So, I did two more washes with no soap and still it wasn’t at all the results I had read others get with lots of rave.

I knew that Kim at Rockin Green was known to be super nice and helpful at trouble-shooting, so I gave her a call. She advised me to use Hard Rock instead and so I did. I again did a rinse first and then filled the washer machine with hot water and put in the Hard Rock laundry detergent. I did an overnight soak and then followed that again with two washes with no soap. And when that was done…I did my sniff test. Clean! Clean! I was so happy!

Then came the next time to wash the diapers. Instead of using the samples, I opened up my own bag of Hard Rock and put in the recommended 3 tablespoons. I did a few hours soak, since Kim had said that with hard water you may need to soak a few hours each time you wash. It was easy to do, as I just leave them in the water overnight and wash in the morning. Then after the wash, I did my sniff test. Yuck. Not clean at all. What happened??

I ended up using Tide just to get my diapers washed and out of curiousity I did a wash with no soap following it and saw bubbles! Ok, so I need to figure out what is wrong and why I’m not getting consistent results with Rockin Green because washing with my Tide is not working either. Bubbles = build up!

So, I asked Kim how many tablespoons are in a Rockin Green sample and she said there were about 4. I had used the full packet and received good results. Then when I used 3 tablespoons, I didn’t get the same results. Hmmm…could the problem be in the quantity?

Next wash, I used 4-5 tablespoons and sure enough — clean again!

And clean ever since with great results! I love that I get clean diapers with no extras – no bubbles and no build up.

So, if you aren’t having the best results with Rockin Green but you keep reading how much people love this laundry detergent, don’t give up! Just try a different solution or more/less amount of it when washing. I found my right combination for my machine and water and now I’m too one of those Rockin Green fans and will be for as long as I cloth diaper.

And I hear you can also use it with your clothing….

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